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Description of the business In the recent years the population of our country has been increasing significantly, as a result demanding to grocery and other goods among inhabitants also demonstrating the same rate. Although, a plenty of supermarkets and trade centers have put into operation, there are still some necessity for unique chain of supermarket within the country. Having learned the space in our market industry, we recognized some insufficiencies and drawbacks of current supermarkets operations. By developing our business plan, we want to implement a great project in the Uzbekistan market industry. Our project involves a broad Commercial Centre, including modern designed and coordinated to local market conditions “CosmUz” trade…show more content…
But fundamentally, your mission statement becomes your constitution, the solid expression of your vision and values. It becomes the criterion by which you measure everything else in your life” Stephen…show more content…
The larger chain stores such as “Korzinka.Uz” have attracted residents because of selection, cost, quality, etc. However, everything has two sides and the above mentioned supermarkets are not exception. First of all, in a lot of supermarkets (or trade centers) we could observe a diversity. For instance, in trade centers with plenty of floors usually grocery products are located in the first floor, while home market products can be situated in the third floor. Consequently, this kind of location can create an extra tiresomeness for people with special needs. Another example of drawbacks in our market industry is jam in front of pay desks. Having observed the condition in supermarkets, we realized that, in rush hours the quality of service in cash-desks decreases significantly. As a result, customers often have to wait

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