The Importance Of Spirituality In Counseling

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27% of Americans are spiritual but do not have a religious belief (Lipka and Gecewicz). Spirituality is defined as being in one with your body not just mentally but physically. Typically, spirituality is incorporated into addiction recovery because when someone is addicted, they are dependent on an object that keeps them motivated. Throughout history spirituality and addiction has been an ongoing topic, but more recently has been brought into the spotlight among counselors to serve as a link in therapy because it has a beneficial outcome. The term spirituality has become a prevalent topic in society today. Spirituality at its core is Latin for "spirit-sarch-ualice" meaning an actualization or awakening (DiPasquale). It revolves around a path where an individual chooses to connect with themselves on a deeper level where they seek a sense of a divine purpose in their life (Beach House). This means the individual is in tune with themselves develop a sense of comfort because the person begins to take responsibility for themselves. It is an open-minded exploration and inner growth a person goes through to fulfill their life. Amy Kretzman argues this by saying, "it is a universal human experience something that touches us all." Being spiritual can grow from anyone because we all have a spirit. She is implying it…show more content…
Beach House corroborates this because studies conducted by American Medical association proved mindfulness-based treatment has significantly reduced the risk of relapse compared to those who do not receive this treatment. The procedure is called MBRP which is a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, support groups and identify triggers (Beach House). Recovery is not a straight line as it involves relapse, but Beach House acknowledges having mindfulness of yourself reduces the risk of relapse in

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