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Cherokee Indians, one of the many Native American Tribes throughout the country today, share health issues such as historic trauma, substance abuse, diabetes, and spirituality. These four topics challenge the tribes since the start of them and because of that, the Cherokee Indians discover solutions in order to get past them. Hundreds of years ago, the Cherokee Indians were forced out of their land by the American government in a journey called, Trail of Tears. The members of the tribe marched 800 miles, over 5,000 of them died due to the unbearable conditions. While traveling to the SouthWestern part of America, the Cherokee tribe felt nothing but fear, helplessness and horror. Generations of the survivors of this march, tend to have PTSD…show more content…
It is stated that the Native Americans are five times more likely to die of an alcoholic related causes than whites due to their abuse of drinking. Illegal drugs like marijuana, opiates, cocaine, and stimulants are being used more often but alcohol still manages to be the number one on their list. Generally, the Native American Tribes are in poverty, so drugs are used in a way to cope from what they don't have. Some suggest Christianity but most reject it because they are addicted to the drugs and feel as if they do not need it. The church help some, but not all, sadly. In addition to substance abuse, diabetes is another health issue that lingers between most…show more content…
This is true because about half of them belong to Christianity and the rest follow traditional native religious observers. Christian churches around the world are the reason behind the growth of sponsors like Alcohol Anonymous, along with charities which pay for scholarships health and child care programs and church buildings. Almost eleven denominations have national and multi state philanthropy foundations for indigenous and ethnic people. Each pastor preaches the good word of God, stating quotes from the passage of poverty, stress, substance abuse, health challenges and the final disposition of one’s soul. This draws the hopeless in because they are in need to get better. On the other hand, some members of the Cherokee Indian tribe follow the traditional values, assuming that this is better to help another. Most tribes ritualize “sharing” ceremonies where gifts are given to another, which is something that they believe can help heal. The Cherokee follow different themes; not every tribe is the same. This is due to the fact that some believe in a deity who created the world, others follow a hero or trickster who teaches them their culture, proper behavior and how to keep their health in check. Some even worship the land they live and walk on! Although they do not own it, they care for it and believe in doing their rituals with the land. One popular way

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