Spirituality In Managed Care Research Paper

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Implications of Spirituality in Managed Care Maylen Rodriguez Grand Canyon University Spirituality in Health Care Jeney Park-Hearn January 10, 2015 Implications of Spirituality in Managed Care Spirituality in managed care is seemingly a transition from spirituality within the acute care setting. Managed care is the HMO/PPO or PTO health maintenance network, which uses the gatekeeper system to keep healthcare costs manageable. Spirituality within this framework is moved from the hospital to the managed care facility. Salladay (2000) links spirituality within the healthcare industry to postmodern and its impact on nursing. Nurses are the primary care providers within the acute care setting and are also the guiders of spirituality…show more content…
“These two worldviews, theism and naturalism, together shaped the foundations of nursing in the twentieth century, since they were compatible on many points.” (Salladay, 2000) The comparative nature of theism and naturalism is ironic as naturalism is a reference to the scientism approach which is different from theism or belief in a higher being. The definition of spirituality within scientism, pluralism, and postmodernism is primarily established to be patient-centric and based on the spiritual needs of the patient and of the acceptance of the type of spiritual approach used by the shift…show more content…
A religious scholar echo there is a lack of understanding of religious pluralism and believes that society must “move beyond religious ignorance to embrace our global citizenship as religious cosmopolites.” (Nash, 2007) Pluralism within managed care is reflective of the sociological aspect of spirituality of the operating environment and of the patient

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