The Pros And Cons Of Homosexuality

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Introduction Humans live with secrets. Some of those succeeded in keeping them hidden to their graves, while others might not be as fortunate. For centuries, humans were tortured and many were killed either for keeping or revealing them. One of the fears and struggles that one must keep is the deepest personal information: their sexual orientations. Those who have “different” sexual orientations from the generally known and accepted by the society have to live in shadows and try to blend in among the community. According to Time’s article written by Waxman (2015), there are twenty-one countries that have legalized the same sex marriage and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Transsexual). Even so, apart from this heating issue, people who are homosexual from all around the world still become the victims of hate crime as the communities refuse to accept them.…show more content…
During the Second World War, his machine helped him and his team to break the German Enigma codes consisting details of the war top-secret strategies. Unfortunately, apart from his brilliant mind, he was a homosexual. In the movie The Imitation Game, his life and contributions are unraveled in such a way that struck the audience of how reality and society have so much power to determine and judge a prodigy’s personal

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