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The impressive movie Life Is Beautiful is a Italian film based on the Holocaust in which a man by the name of Guido Orefice would meet a women named Dora and would do many impressive and outrageous things to try to talk to her and make her his girlfriend with his charming ways would eventually conquer her. The joyous family would be separated. While Dora went to accompany her mother to their house for supper she would come home to a horrific surprise, the Natzi officers had taken her husband and her young son Giosue, they would be on their way to concentration camps on trains when Dora arrived and demand to get on the train, she would not leave her family no matter what circumstance. This film would have some great comedy but it would offend…show more content…
While watching the movie and getting to the end I myself would believe it was not offensive, in my point of view it was a remarkable film in which a father would do anything to protect his son from viewing the horrific extermination of the Jews but once really thinking this film combined with comedy would really offend the importance of the Holocaust by the using humor to justify the fact that Guido does not want his son to understand what is going on with all the people who have been taking innocently by a racial group. Not only did this film offend all the lives that have been innocently taken but in the film it put many other lives in danger. For example when Guido and his son had first arrived to the concentration camps the German officer’s asked for one of the prisoners who could translate and to make sure his son, only his son would not find out that it was not a game he would volunteer to translate and would talk about the rules of the game he had told his son but in reality they were the rules and order’s of the Nazi’s they had to follow, only one person from their whole group spoke German, if no one would of spoken German they could have been in some trouble because they would not know what to do and if they would have asked the German office to tell them again Guido would have been killed for lying and could have caused someone’s life for not knowing what to do because they were not

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