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A Food Safety Program is important for every food service operation to have as it can help to prevent food safety related problems before they occur. It should give you clear guidelines of certain procedures that keep you foods safe from contamination across all facets and steps in food handling. Personnel and Personal Hygiene 1. Health: All staff working with food or customers should be in good health to prevent cross-contamination of illnesses with both customers and other staff member via food or surfaces. 2. Uniform: All staff working in food service operation should wear clean clothing to prevent cross-contamination between customers and other staff members. This includes clean uniforms and wearing hats/hairnets for those handling food…show more content…
Refrigeration: All refrigerated units should be at a temperature of 41F or below to maintain proper temperatures for cold stored foods to prevent any potential foodborne illness. Temperatures should be checked a couple times throughout business hours to catch any potential issues immediately before food spoils. 2. Movement Control: Employees should follow established movement patterns throughout the facility to prevent potential accidents and safety concerns. There should be an establishment path from dining room to kitchen, entrance and exit to kitchen, as well as movement restrictions in the kitchen to help prevent people bumping into one another or other knife/oven/stove injuries. 3. Pest Control: A certified pest control expert should conduct a preventative pest control program regularly in the facility to help prevent any potential bug or rodent issues. Flow of Food 1. Purveyors: All foods should be purchased/received from a reputable purveyor. These suppliers’ warehouses and trucks should be inspected annually by food service managers to be sure they are upholding the correct food safety…show more content…
Meetings: It’s important for members of the food safety team to meet regularly to keep the lines of communication open. They should be sure they are all aware of any new guidelines or safety features to be added to the program and also any hazardous issues that may have taken place. This way they can examine things and make sure everyone is on the same page and able to guide the rest of the staff accordingly. 2. Flow: Managers should create open lines of communication between themselves and their employees. This can help nip a potential hazard in the bud immediately if employees know that they are able to contact their management team whenever needed. This can also facilitate new safety ideas and procedures from ideas the food service staff may have that can benefit the establishment. 3. Outbreak Notification: In the event of a foodborne illness outbreak, it’s important to communicate this immediately to all personnel involved in the operation as well as the appropriate health departments and maybe even the media. This can help to facilitate the investigation and corrective measures needed. It will also help the business stay in front of the story and share the facts. Being upfront and honest about a situation of this nature can help to maintain or rebuild your customer

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