Social Regulation Research Paper

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Every society needs some bindings and regulations to protect it from itself that is to deter its problem makers from causing harm to others. With the social crime rate in the USA in mind, it is hard to believe that there is even enough social regulations there. My rights are given to me by God-- not man or government! Too many times laws are created to try and level the playing field for those less fortunate in the hopes that they're given a fighting chance in life---- in the end all they really do is create laws that slow progress, slow development as a society. Regulation is unforgiving, it does not allow for free thinking and it forces people to chain to beliefs that they do not themselves hold. Regulation is necessary to limited sense but…show more content…
Social regulation is meant to protect us from ourselves in a way. Not by banning rights and enforcing policies, but rather that requiring safety and information. Social regulation is governed by agencies such as OSHA and the FDA. It has nothing to do with social behavior. I for one would argue decreasing the amount of influence these agencies have. I can think of numerous occasions where they have potentially saved thousands if not millions of lives. For example does anyone remember a few years ago when they took all the Motrin, Advil, and generic ibuprofen off the shelves? I do, it was because there was a contaminated something or other that had been found in a quality test required by the FDA. Has anyone ever injured themselves at work, and had to have first aid, from the kit on the wall, you know the one that OSHA required they have? How about the water contamination that just happened in WV where 5 counties had their water supply contaminated by chemicals, the EPA supplied bottled water and is leading the clean-up. Do you have a food allergy that requires you to check the ingredients on the side of the box of cereal you buy? FDA again. Ever purchased your child a toy, only to have it recalled because when it was made in some foreign county they painted it with lead based paint? CPSC. These are just a few examples of how true social regulation helps to protect the citizens of this
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