Attention Getter For Syrian Refugees Essay

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Informative Speech Example Informative Speech & Works Cited "Geocaching" I. Introduction A. Attention Getter – How many of us in this classroom are sitting comfortably, knowing that at the end of the day we’ll have a home and or family to be able to come home and see? Something that many of the close to 9million Syrian refugees are unable to experience due to their home country being ravaged by Rebel groups. B. Tie to the Audience – Most Americans have never had to experience fleeing their own country in order to merely survive, and so the importance of understanding these peoples’ struggle caused by such a crisis is incredibly enlightening and humbling. C. Credentials – I feel that I am credible when talking about the crisis because over the last few weeks I have spent a great deal of time researching and studying the progress…show more content…
Although a few of these refugees have been able to in someway find help, large portions of them are still traveling over several countries; blocked by fierce borders with only hopes of reaching countries like Germany or Sweden. C. Main Point Three – Lastly, I’d like to briefly discuss what several countries are doing in order to aid those in need. 1. Although several of the countries most closely located to the Syrian border have been reluctant to offer any humanitarian aid; however, it appears that the future is bright for many of these refugees in a very select number of countries, most of them located within Europe. 2. Based on information recently posted by CNN, two of the most promising countries offering aid to Syrian Refugees are Sweden and Germany, both stating that within the next seven years they could be taking in close to 98,700-64,800, annually. 3. The other impressive countries willing to take in refugees are France, The United Kingdom, and America, all agreeing to take roughly 10,000-7,000 over a span of ten years. However, France is hoping to achieve their goal within the next two

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