Woodrow Wilson War Message Analysis

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The Spark to the War to End All Wars America was under the pressure from Germany. The sinking of Lusitania by the German U-boats killed 1,200 people and 128 of them were Americans. Wilson stated in his War Message about the attacks of the German U-boats as “warfare against mankind.” The Zimmerman Note was intercepted by the British. They had recently declared unrestricted naval warfare on the United States. “The present German submarine warfare against commerce... a war against all nations. American ships have been sunk, American lives taken.” (Dallek 13) Woodrow Wilson’s War Message led to America’s involvement in the first World War. Woodrow Wilson’s War Message draws to peoples emotions of nationalism and fear to gain public support for…show more content…
The aim of the organization was to directly increase public support for America’s involvement in World War One. The Organization used posters that drew to emotions of fear and nationalism to increase support which is the same technique used in Woodrow Wilson’s War message. George Creel was the chairmen of the organization. The organization acted as a salesperson by selling the notion of the publics involvement in the war. He used propaganda posters that gave people emotions of fear and nationalism to convince people at home to get involved in the war but, The main focus was to get everyone onboard without enlisting in the war. This included children elderly and woman. He used tactics like the victory gardens to get everyone on board and with the “victory gardens.” Children were given idea that they were able to get involved in the war efforts and contribute to a victory for the United States. The children and elderly could save food that could be used overseas. The organization suggested woman should replace their husbands jobs while they were overseas fighting for their country. This contributed to the success America had

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