Analysis Of Woodrow Wilson's Speech: Why America Needed To Join World War I

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In Woodrow Wilson's speech to Congress on April 2, 1917, he said, “We shall fight for things which we have always carried nearest to our hearts… peace and safety to all nations and make the world itself at last free.” The US needed to fight for the safety of all nations, to make the world a safe and peaceful environment. It was essential for America to join World War One. America could not just stand there like a punching bag, the US needed to fight back. The US needed to join the war because of threats to national security, which included the German U-Boat threats, caused because we aided the Allies and The Zimmerman Telegram. One incident that dragged the US into the war was when Germany sunk of the British ship, The Lusitania, which killed 128 Americans aboard. In a New York Times newspaper from May 8, 1915, a notice from the Imperial German Embassy stated that anyone who…show more content…
According to a 1917 poster from the United States Food Administration, the US was trying to collect food from immigrants to give to the Allies. This is just one example of the US helping the Allies. This effort to gather food was before America joined the war, proving that we helped the Allies even before the US officially announced our alliance with them. After we entered the war, America continued to aid our allies. According to a data chart, the United States mobilized four and four tenths troops. The government gathered one and four tenths million people by advertisements and the other three million by using the draft method. In this method, all men between the ages of 21 and 30 had to register. But this age was later expanded to a range of 18 to 45. Soldiers were given numbers when they registered and if their number was pulled out of the fishbowl, they were required to go fight in the war, if no illness stopped them from doing

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