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The present paper attempts to highlight the concept of stroke rehabilitation. Rehabilitation after stroke is a continuum, starting within days of stroke onset and ending only when it no longer produces any positive effect. More than half the 75% of patients who survive the first month after a stroke will require specialized rehabilitation. The primary focus is on rehabilitation of patients after suffering from stroke, the underlying factors for stroke, its effects, be it emotional or physical in nature. The goals and process involved in stroke rehabilitation as well, the professionals involved problems faced in the rehabilitation are described. Even after managing stroke, a large proportion of stroke patients are left with significant impairments.…show more content…
Stroke accounted for about one third of cardiovascular deaths (5•7 million deaths) and 46•6 million disability It is one of the main causes of acquired adult disability. Rehabilitation has a rather non-specific definition:"a problem solving process aiming at reducing the disability and handicap resulting from a disease". Because most patients with stroke will survive the initial illness, the greatest health effect is usually caused by the long-term consequences for patients and their families. The prevalence of stroke-related burden is expected to increase over the next two decades. Although impressive developments have been made in the medical management of stroke, without a widely applicable or effective medical treatment most post-stroke care…show more content…
Broadly, stroke rehabilitation is generally understood to mean non-surgical, nonpharmaceutical interventions that aim to reduce disability and handicap by helping individuals relearn skills lost when the brain was damaged. These skills can include walking, speaking, undertaking activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, eating, etc. Effective rehabilitation relies on a coordinated, multidisciplinary team approach. Regular team meetings, as well as meetings with the patient, his or her family and carers, are

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