Artificial Intelligence Advantages

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Artificial Intelligence In this discussion, we look at the Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (Al) can be explained as the process where a combination of computer applications or components within applications work with sets of rules and knowledge to make inferences. AI has become a common part of our lives nowadays, most of us may not know about how much it has become a part, but it has become an integral part. AI computing methods are in regular use for automated perception, learning, understanding, and reasoning. The most common being the Google search engine that we use everyday to find information from the Internet. Search results, search patterns and recommendation are all based on AI. We also use AI for finding routes by using GPS. We use it on our smartphones, with applications such as Siri which are voice recognition applications that try to understand our speech, requirements and intentions. The cameras use AI for face detection as we take photos and the algorithm recognize the faces of the individuals, and recommends the names for us to tag when we post the photos on Facebook. Benefits of AI Lets look at some of the beneficial usage of AI in various industries or sectors. AI is currently…show more content…
I believe the major benefit in the future for AI would be in the field of Health-care and medicine. There would AI in place to save lives and also to help the elderly and physically challenged. Another would be in the field of education where we could have automated interactive education features to enable one to one education for students. There are already similar systems available today, but the real benefits are reaped when these systems mature and provide better

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