Stroke: A Case Study

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What is a stroke, often called a brain attack, caused by the blood supply to the brain or lack of, alike a heart attack. It happens when blood flow is disrupted to the brain, this may be caused from a blood clot or a blood vessel burst. When chemical and physical changes happens and the stroke occurs. A stroke may harm your movements, speech, thinking and memory, bowel and bladder, eating, emotions, plus other body functions. A small stroke may cause a weakness in an arm or leg. Large stroke may cause paralysis, loss of speech even death. 3Rs of stroke are reduced, risk and recognize the symptoms, respond call 911. The stroke should be treated as an emergency, which gives the patient a better chance of recovery. When a stroke happens a person…show more content…
Medicaid pays for long term care for those that can’t afford it. It goes by state regulations like all health insurances; also check the VA if he is a veteran, VA may be able to help. ADS or adult day services, which will give the caregiver a break needs to be checked out. The price of Ads is 40 or 60 days, but if there is a medical assistance that is required, not just feeding, and watching the cost may be higher, these services can be performed at home or at a center. Nursing facilities cost for rehab may be able to be paid by Medicare part A. In some nursing homes, one section is for rehabilitation patients and the other section long-term care. Medicare can’t deny coverage if the patients doesn’t improve to be able to go home. Assisted living costs are quite a bit higher than a nursing home, but if he doesn’t later on needs that, the assisted living is $3500 or more. However, if at all the patient can stay at home with hospice nurse or a home health service. The cost of home health care compared to assist living may be more than assisted living compared to the fact that you still have to maintain your home daily expenses, utilities, heat food plus the health care services. All of these need to be compared and checked out, if the patient has any kind of money available, any services like Medicare or…show more content…
She needs to consider if he will recover enough that he can be on his own or if he can’t recover enough only to be placed in a nursing home. Number one, how long will she be able to take care of her father. Will the stress make it so hard; she can’t do it any more than a nursing home is the answer if he needs medical assistants and constant care. The caregiver is going to have to decide what her life will be like tied down to a parent day after day. My mother looked after my grandmother for 24 years in our home. Now in a nursing home mom is still looking after her every week. When you can’t do that care, lifting, dressing, bathing and need help don’t be afraid to get it. My grandmother always laid a guilt trip on my mom and still does even from the nursing home. So take a look at the options, how much of your life will you give up. There are support groups to help check them out get information, but most of all, do what's best for you and your parent. There are some things that are involved when you have a stroke and these are physical activities which is the strengthened motor skills, mobility training, constraint-induced therapy and also range-of-motion therapy (2014, Jun.

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