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It is true that women have not faced as many tribulations as men, but this is because government officials have oppressed their right for independence in this patriarch world we live in. During the American Revolution Women like Molly Pitcher, Margaret Corbin and Deborah Sampson stood on the front line in combat against the British. Although women proved that they could be just as useful as any man they were still denied their right to do anything a man could do being told that there place was in the kitchen over the stove and caring for the children. The articles Well-Behaved Woman Seldom Make History by Laurel T. Ulrich and Ain’t I a woman by Sojourner Truth are two articles that discuss gender inequality and hit home on the stereotypical view of who a woman should be. Gender inequality…show more content…
In the article Well-Behaved woman seldom make history by Laurel T. Ulrich the infamous quote plays into stereotypes about the invisibility of the female sex. Ulrich says” Many people think that women are less visible in history than men because their bodies impel them to nurture. Their job is to bind the wounds, stir the soup and bear the children of those whose mission it is to fight wars, rule nations and define the cosmos.” (Ulrich, 1976) Men are characterized as the more dominant species of the two because it seems they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders while the woman delicately nurtures. Behind every strong man is an even stronger woman who’s helped him reach his success. History is defined as the study of past events particularly in human affairs; in order to become a part of history one must do the

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