Pink Fuzz Monologue

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Ever since the sixth grade, my life has been infested with a silent but deadly enemy. Alone it is harmless, but in large numbers its only purpose in my life is to hinder my daily activities in any way it can. I hated it. It followed me wherever I went, even when I left the state. For years I despised it. I complained about it to no end. Eventually the infestation had traveled to other parts of my life, including school and friends' houses. But as I begin to prepare for my departure away from home, I realize how I will miss it. I will miss how I would look down and see it there on my clothing, on my shoes and even in my car. It has been a part of my life for so long that I don't know how I will live without it. I guess I should probably mention…show more content…
Pink fuzz. Six years ago I redecorated my room and purchased a pink rug which I placed next to my bed. I thought the rug tied my room together. It wasn't until a week later that I began to notice pieces of pink fuzz on different articles of my clothing. In the beginning there were single strands here and there. But before long, clumps of pink fuzz were attacking everything I owned. There hasn't been a day at school when I don't find traces of fuzz on my backpack or trailing the back of my shoe. Over the summer I leave home for a month to play travel softball around the country. Even after three weeks I still found the pink fuzz floating around my suitcase or clinging to my…show more content…
You’d think I would have gotten rid of the rug by now, but there’s just something about it that makes me keep it. Not only does the rug tie my room together, but the pink fuzz reminds me of home. Now that I am getting ready to leave for college, I realize that the pink fuzz I hated for so many years is actually a part of my life that followed me wherever I went. I also know that when I travel across the country, whether it be on the east coast or the west coast, at least one strand of pink fuzz will remain. After six years of viewing the pink fuzz as an annoying hindrance to my daily activities, I now view it as a part of me and a part of home. I try to leave a part of myself everywhere I go, even if that part of myself is only the pink fuzz. At least I know there’s evidence that I have left home and I have

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