Sources Of Self-Efficacy

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Sources of Self-Efficacy How does an individual acquire his/her self efficacy? What are the sources of Self-efficacy information? According to Bandura (1997) there are four sources of information that causes perception of self efficacy to develop in an individual. 1. Mastery Experience – Personal mastery Experience or performance accomlishments is considered one of the most influencial source of information about performance. Personal mastery experience is the experiential knowledge or belief an individual acquires about themselves and their capabilities through the performance of specific task or activity. It is the most convincing way human beings learn that something can be doneor cannot be done. (Motivating Learners, pg 393…….). Success…show more content…
The question therefore is this, What should a teacher do to model performance to enhance self efficacy of students. Miller (1981), has some few recomedations for teachers. First, he recommends that a teacher engage in a difficulty activity in ways to exemplify what the activity is like, so that students can learn to predict, the capabilities that will be required to perform that activity. A teacher should, for example not use shortcuts in solving a problem in sunjects such as science or mathematics. A use of shortcut to solve classroom problems (such as Mathematics and Science) has the potential to make students think that the problem is easier than they actually are. Secondly, Miller (1981) recommends that teachers should demonstrate highly effective techniques for handling the threatening aspects of the activity, so that students can learn to control their fears in that situation and cope with it in a capable fashion . 3. Verbal Persuasion – Verbal Persuasion attempts to talk people into believing that they have the capabilities they need to achieve what they seek. This is often accomplished through the use of words to persuade people that they have what it takes to perform a given task or activity, if they put in enough effort. (Bandura,…show more content…
The effectiveness of verbal pusaution depends on the pereceived credibility and expertees of the persuader. The more the persuader is believed, the more the recipient is likely to change his or her self perception or capabilities. Students are most likely to believe what their teachers and parents tell them because they perceive their teachers as credible authorities. The more the persuader ( teacher or any authority figure) is believed, the more the student is likely to to change his or her self perception of capability (however negative or positive) the expert’s opinion may be. However, if a student is persuaded by an authority to believe that he can do something, but he or she tries it and fails, his regard for the opinion of the authority and the self efficacy of the student is likely to decline. (Motivating Learners, pg …….). Teachers employ the use of suggestions and other more causal forms of persaution(such as ‘You can be who you want to be’ ) or exhortation (such as ‘Reach for the Skies” Yes You Can’, You are Unstoppable” The Sky is the Limit” etc.) to persuade students into believing in themselves and their capabilities. (Motivating Learners, pg

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