Sources Of Data In Nursing Research

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Concept 3. Sources of Data This concept is taken from module 7 entitled Data collection methods/sources of Data Data is collection of information in a scientific way. The most interesting and challenging, if intriguing part of the research process is the data collection aspect. This part of the study usually involves direct contact with the subjects. Data collection involves deciding the most appropriate method to be used in collecting the required information and getting the right sample. Sources of data involves the means of generating or gathering data for research study. It can be primary source or secondary source and can also be from controlled or uncontrolled environment. The primary sources includes firsthand information or original…show more content…
Observing the client right from first contact is very important in order to arrive at accurate diagnosis. I observe skillfully verbal and non-verbal reactions of my patient. There are different ways of gathering data about patient in a hospital setting, there was an instance that the patient complaint is differ from what am observing in her through her mood and behavior but when I asked her questions on my observation, she could not denied it. 3.2. Social Context In the social context, the nurse must make sure that she uses different sources to gather valid information about his/her patient to deliver quality nursing care. 3.3. Application in the current job In the hospital setting, knowledge on sources of data should be known to all health and medical team through accurate observation , good history taking, past medical and nursing record through which we can render appropriate care. 3.4 Current research The three components of instrumentation for data collection are observation, questioning and measurement (J.o. Aina…show more content…
The general review and critical review. General review is to review all relevant publications, nothing their importance to the current study while the critical review is a search of specific publications that have particular significance to the current study and has ability to expose its strength and weakness. Nether and Hott (1988) believe that the purpose of literature review is three field – to familiarise one self with the literature in the field under study to document and understand the theoretical framework related to the study and to review the various methodologies and measurement tools that might be used in the study. There are different means of sourcing for literature review, examples are – Journals articles, Books, Conference proceedings/seminars/workshops, Desertation/Abstract/thesis, Reports of research and expert opinion etc. 4.1 Personal Context I do partake in gathering literature review. There are different means of doing this for my patient. I usually use my patient post medical record to gather information about his/her health status in order to compare his/her past health records with the

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