The Importance Of Animal Research

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Animal Research. Animal research is rarely discussed between scientists and animal’s rights activists. If we do not research on animals, the world will not develop, this means we will not have the things we have, we will not have the medicine to people who are sick. Many people will die every day if we do not research on animals. Animal research is important because scientists will learn how to operate, also animals are considered like models for human diseases, and scientists use animals to create new things that make our lifestyle better and to make the world a better place. People might care about this, because without animal research we will not have the things we have now. (“The Human-animal Connection”) Animal research has been important for the development of the world. It is contributing and helping us to make changes in our lives. We should use animal research because without it, we will be people without advances in our life, and it will be a lot of animals in the world, and it is bad because…show more content…
Animal testing is something cruel and also often ineffective because animals do not get many of the human diseases that people do, we have many things different, for this reason, animal research is not sure to discover things. The only thing we do with animal research, is that we cause animals to die and to suffer to something that scientists are not sure will happen. Animal research has improved human health, and it makes changes in people’s lives. Alternative methods of testing do not simulate humans in the same way that animal methods do. We use animals on research because they are similar to human, and they provide new things for the use of human beings, which it will help us too much. ("Animal Testing -

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