Importance Of Computational Mechanics

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From the invention of first aircraft by Wright Brothers in early 1900’s to the development of advance airliners like Boeing 787 and Airbus A-380 in the 21st century; creation of early military bombers in World War 2 to the latest F-22 multirole fighter aircraft, emerging concepts like Computational Mechanics have proved its worth not only in design but also in development and manufacturing; thereby becoming an essential part of new inventions, making more and more innovations possible. I am inclined to Computational Mechanics because I find it constantly growing with its impact on various disciplines of engineering; be it the design of automobiles or spacecrafts, almost all technical disciplines are being benefited by the rapid progress in…show more content…
Unlike the rest of my family members who were unable to gain worthy education due to lack of resources, my parents wanted me in the ranks of highly educated persons and to flourish in life. They lived hand to mouth but never withheld their endless love, support, encouragement and their resilience in insisting to educate me in leading institutes of the country amidst the harsh financial conditions in which they raised me. My father used to quote a famous proverb, “A child without education is like a bird without wings”. Ever since my childhood, his words of inspiration and push for persistence rang in my ears. In an attempt to fulfill my parent’s dream, I left the comforts of home and got admission in a leading boarding institute of the country. With a sole purpose in mind, I left no stone unturned to achieve my goal. From the very day I was mature enough to realize the real meaning of education; I was deeply intended to acquire knowledge and found myself more prone towards the engineering appliances, their applications and working procedure. I had always been fascinated by aircrafts, the way they maneuver, soar up in the sky perform aerobatics. This interest grew further when I visited Ellsworth Air force base in Rapid City, SD during an exchange year in the United States of America. It inspired me to take Aerospace Engineering as a…show more content…
The project had to be accomplished in PATRAN/NASTRAN and the interesting fact is I didn’t have a clue about PATRAN/NASTRAN since it was not included in our Engineering curriculum. Nevertheless, I decided to accept this challenge. Not to mention I had to face many hurdles during various phases of the project, but each time I overcame them by my willpower and efforts; all the more reasons to dig more and go deep. I spent sleepless nights learning the software from tutorials, online communities and on my own. There was couple of times when I really wanted to give up and quit but I always believed that in order to gain something priceless we have to lose something precious. Throughout the year, I strived and struggle. Eventually my efforts were fruitful and at the end of the project and I was awarded with Gold Medal for Best Project Award in Aerospace Engineering. It doesn’t end here. Completion of Aerospace Engineering with a Best Project Award is not the end of story but an exciting beginning for me, I must say. I am resilient in my struggle to pursue deeper in this field and want to gain as much knowledge as possible. Adhering to these facts, I reckon that this master degree of Computational Mechanics will benefit me to widen my expertise in areas such as Finite Element Methods, Structural Dynamics, Design Optimization as well as nourishing my skills in Fluid Mechanics and

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