Sorority Benefits

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A sorority is an organization for female students in a United States college or university. Depending on which college you attend, you may or may not have the opportunity in order to rush to enter a sorority. A sorority does not just have social benefits, but there are career, educational and philanthropic benefits also. Through a sorority, you have the opportunity to become like sisters to almost 100 other young women on your campus. Since you become great friends and sisters with so many new people, you are able to make great connects and has some real networking possibilities. A sorority also keeps you accountable for your education. Most sororities have a mandatory grade point average you must maintain in order to be apart of the organization. Additionally, each sorority has several charities they support and donate and volunteer for. A sorority gives women a chance to get involved on campus and be apart of something bigger than themselves.…show more content…
I think this experience supported a new understanding and appreciation for Panhellenic council, Rho Gammas and sororities in general. Through this experience I also gained a new level of appreciation for everyone involved with recruitment. I did not realize how difficult recruitment is and I cannot image the dedication and late nights that come with planning recruitment. The chapter itself has to decorate and design each night, along with ranking each young woman every single night. Rho Gammas had many late nights organizing parties and ensuring each PNM was at her party at the correct time. Also, Rho Gammas had to handle emotional situations, like when a PNM does not get invited back to a house of their top choice. Panhellenic council has to organize the schedules, ensure the sororities are prepared for the parties and so much more. I thoroughly appreciate everyone involved with setting up recruitment because it is a huge event that not one person can handle
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