The Pros And Cons Of Sororities

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You might see the average sorority girl as popular, walking around with a sunny disposition and not a care in the world, but no one knows what is going on behind closed sorority doors. College is the time that people get to explore and figure out who they are. Students get the opportunity to meet new people and join clubs and organizations and membership in sororities has increased 65% since 2004 (Robbins, 2014). During recruitment the sororities only focus on the positives, but not many negatives. Sometimes there are rumors around campus and news stories when things go wrong at other schools. But it’s hard to know what students are getting into before they rush, so as a result new members are blindsided. The question is which one is right,…show more content…
But it is not necessarily something that can be taught in a lecture class. Sororities give the opportunity for women to learn this valuable skill. There are numerous ways to be involved; being president of the chapter isn’t the only way to gain a lot of experience. For those who don’t want to have a large role join a committee, which are put into place to run a certain aspect of the chapter (NPC in the news). For those who want to be more involved being a event coordinator is a good option, it is more work because the responsibility is to make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing so the events happen like have been planned. Medium level positions are also great if in the future you would like to progress to a higher position. The executive council is the highest level of sorority leadership (NPC in the news). They require much more dedication to work because the responsibility is overseeing part of the whole chapter. Many of the skills used when leading fellow sorority sister’s gives experiences that others don’t have and can make someone look more desirable to future employers (NPC in the…show more content…
Once again every sorority is different with their expectations of members but this isn’t something someone does and attends a meeting every once in a while, it’s a serious commitment that requires time and dedication. “Being Greek can add the equivalent of an extra class or two depending on how demanding a chapter is (Best Schools)” Time management is a skill that most freshman lack, and unfortunately it is a skill needed if someone is going to be in a sorority. Grades often drop the first semester because of lack of time management. Members must attend meetings and a certain number of events during the year and in some sororities if a meeting is missed it is possible to be fined money (Best Schools). In order to prevent grades dropping its good to make a management plan and also talk to other people in that particular sorority so one can get a better idea of what to

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