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Jeff Koons is an American contemporary artist. He was born on January twenty-first 1955 in York, Pennsylvania. He is most popular for his recreations of stereotyped objects similar to things such as balloon animals. Jeff’s sculptures are made out of stainless steel then finished with mirror surfaces. Jeff has had a lot of influences on his work and lifestyle throughout his lifetime. His number one influence is Salvador Dali. He had visited Dali when he was a teenager while Salvador was staying at the St. Regis Hotel located in New York City. Jeff had even colored his hair red and grew a pencil mustache in inspiration to Dali. Another influence on Jeff is Ed Paschke. Jeff worked with Ed as a studio assistant during the 1970s. His last influence is Andy Warhol.…show more content…
He had many inspirations that of which were famous artists. These artists included Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Ed Paschke. Jeff has done many different works that have been placed all over the world and have raised thousands of dollars. Once of his most famous works is his Celebration series which include stereotyped objects similar to balloon animals and valentine hearts. He had also been a part of a charity event with Project Perpetual in the fight to raise money for vaccines and education programs for children with life threatening diseases. This event he took part in raised a total of $5.5 million with his Gazing Ball sculpture. Jeff had also worked on many projects and collaborations with many different people and corporations. One collaboration he did was with the singer Lady Gaga. He created the cover art for her album Artpop that included a sculpture of Gaga as well as his Gazing Ball. Jeff has had many different critiques about his work and what he does as an artist but he continues to stand as a great contemporary artist who creates work for all the likes of people around the

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