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Hazing: America’s Growing Problem In Katie Reilly’s “College Students Keep Dying Because of Fraternity Hazing. Why Is It So Hard to Stop?” and David Burkman’s “Why frat boys like hazing, if they live through it,” they discuss and analyze fraternity hazing. This is a topic worthy of discussion because all students are affected by hazing and need to be properly educated on how to recognize it. The two authors have contrasting opinions on the topic of hazing, but do provide similar ideas. In Katie Reilly’s article “College Students Keep Dying Because of Fraternity Hazing. Why Is It So Hard to Stop?” the dangers of, and the fight against, fraternity hazing is discussed and analyzed in depth. To begin, Reilly describes hazing by exemplifying the death of Tim Piazza. This example opens the door to the discussion and truly shows the dangers involved in joining a fraternity. Reilly also told of a multitude of other hazing-related deaths, such as…show more content…
First, Burkman emphasizes that pledges engage in hazing because they have a need to belong. This is shown through the author’s “we are social animals. We need the pack” mindset (Burkman). Burkman’s statement conveys that fraternity members feel the need to associate with others like themselves. Next, Burkman speaks of the accomplishment felt by pledges who engage in hazing. The author gives an example of this through speaking of his personal experience with being hazed as a pledge (Burkman). Burkman told of what was done to him, but emphasized that, if given the chance, he would go through it all again. Finally, Burkman explains that because hazing is an endless tradition, it will not cease. The author says that hazing “serves a need” (Burkman). The need Burkman is referring to is, again, the plegdes’ need to belong. In all, Burkman explains why hazing is needed and how it affects fraternity

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