Greek Life Benefits Colleges

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When first coming to college, a student has a lot to think about and a lot of decisions to make. Some might include what classes to take, different clubs to join, or another big decision of whether or not to join a fraternity or sorority. This question can be answer very quickly with just a little research of the desired university. Greek life has the potential to impact a student’s life greatly with many different resources. Although it is proven that Greek life benefits communities and campuses nationwide, there are still some colleges that give Greek life little to no support causing failing chapters and loss of motivation. Greek Life benefits students, colleges and surrounding communities greatly, therefor the colleges need to have more…show more content…
Not only does Greek life benefit the community and campus but is also where the majority of leaders today started off. USA TODAY states that “85% of fortune 500 companies executives were a part of Greek Life” (Glass). That is a pretty large percentage of people in a high position of power that were involved in Greek Life a clear indication that Greek Life is beneficial. Greek life helps to make the college look better with the aspiring students looking to come to a university. As well as all the different benefits that Greek life can bring to a community with many hours of community service and volunteer work.Before beginning one might ask what Greek Life is; Greek Life can come in many different form whether it be social, academic, professional, or music. The most common is social, and that is the involvement in a group of peers, for men it is a fraternity, and for women it is a…show more content…
Being a part of Greek Life has shown time and time again that it helps students in current endeavors and much needed skills and planning for future lives. Most leaders in the United States were once a part of Greek life which shows that leaders are born in Greek life. Greeks grade point averages are much higher than that on a non-affiliated student and the opportunity for networking has never been bigger with access to different alumni in many different fields leaving for many job opportunities after graduation. With higher grade point averages the Greek students are making the college look good producing this high number of students with high grades. Colleges also get a lot of help from Greek life by pulling in much more students interested in Greek life that might have just past the college by. Studies also show that if involved in Greek life a student is more likely to remain in school. Many hours of Greeks time at a college will be dedicated to community service or volunteer work. The community surrounding a college benefits greatly from Greek life, Greeks provide many hours of community service helping out the town with what need be. The support from the college can have a significant impact on the health of Greek life and with all that Greek life has to offer it is clear that Greek Life benefits students, colleges and surrounding communities greatly, therefor the colleges need to have

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