Stereotypes: Why Sororities And Fraternities

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Looking Past the Stereotypes: Why Sororities and Fraternities Build Character Sororities and fraternities are an attribute found at many colleges across the United States. Some college students decide to go through formal recruitment, known as RUSH. Those who choose to rush are introduced into the world of the Greek system. They endure days of recruitment, skits, and getting to know those who are members of the various houses in hopes of receiving a bid. Those who receive a bid from a house are welcomed in and endure a period of pledge ship leading up to initiation. When rushing there are many questions one may have about Greek Life due to the stereotypes that many fraternities and sororities are labeled with. For years Greek members have…show more content…
He also found that “75% of fraternity men were binge drinkers (Wechsler,H)”. The reason it is higher among fraternity and sorority members is because the greater portion of students are part of a Greek organization at most campuses. The nation’s largest is at “The University of Alabama, with a Greek system of more than 8,600 members (Webley,K)”. Not all members of fraternities and sororities drink. Many organizations hold “dry” events for alcohol…show more content…
Greek affiliates must maintain a certain GPA in order to maintain their membership. The GPA requirements are determined by their organizations headquarters. In a study, it showed that students who were in a sorority/fraternity had higher GPA’s than non-Greek students (Dickstein,G). The final stereotype is being in a sorority/fraternity is they are not beneficial to the community. All Greek organizations have certain philanthropies they support and raise money for throughout their year. The organization “Phi Mu has raised over eight million dollars to the CMN hospitals in total (“Philanthropy. Phi Mu”)”. These organizations hold many charity events in order to raise money for their philanthropies. In conclusion, being in a sorority/fraternity is an option given to every student in college. Ultimately it is up to the individual to decide whether or not he or she wants to make a commitment to the organization. They can make their decision based on their experiences and judgments on Greek-letter societies. When one joins a Greek organization they are opened to a multitude of opportunities to succeed in society. Networking, philanthropy opportunities, and friendships are just a small taste of the lifelong

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