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History Internal Assessent Name of Candidate: Samantha Wright School: Hydel High School Centre #; 100324 Candiddate # Teacher Miss Smith 2014 2. Research Question It was the Africans, not Christopher Columbus who discovered the Americas prior to 1492 Aims and Objectives In this essay the researcher will: Assesses the validity of Christopher Columbus's claim of discovering the New world Evaluate the evidence the African presence in the Americas prior to 1492 Analyze the view of historians who generally argue that Africans were not the first to discover the Americas Compare the evidence for and against Africans presents in the Americas prior to 1492 3. Introduction It is the claim of many historians that Christopher Columbus was the first to…show more content…
and did that? there must have been some African presence before him, because at the very beginning of learning history you learn about the Indigenous people called Mayas, how were they able they so smart to build roadways ,temples and even Pyramids. They were more civilized than the Tainos and Caribs, How come?? Someone must have taught them! There must have been African presence in the Americas... Next question is how were there behavior and Culture so common to the Africans? The Mayan were here long before him as to say 2000 years before him. The name Mayans and Mali they sound common, there is must a connection between the two. 10 The Africans even had trade ships sailing around in the Americas (index) and it was said that parts of the ship were found in different island in the Americas. Symbols have been found in use by both theancient Egypt and Mexico "the sun devoured by the scorpions" (Index) is one of the symbols. However the fact that African had discovered the Americas before Christopher Columbus have not been heard and were hidden by many historian due to racism. Although many evidences proved that African were in the Americas before Christopher, other Historian try to hide the fact that they actually did. Historian like Gavin Mendizes claim to say that Chinese were the first to discover and do not have any evidence to prove, he is so smart. Other Historians say that Vikings were here first, Vikings came around 1000AD they existed in the North American region. While others say Vikings were not the first to it was 2 native Americans that landed in Holland in 60 BC and that was the end of that story no one proved if it was correct or not.. Based on the evidence provided that Africans were here like the Head Sculpture ,some historians actually say that it was because of faulty tools why the "white man " made a sculpture like that but what can they say about the pyramids ? This is when they came up withinthe theory to say that the African in Egypt were

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