Soothsaying Of The Vala Analysis

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The Soothsaying of the Vala opens with a priestess, the Vala, calling for the attention of everyone to listen to her. It’s written that she bids to the high and low which encompasses everyone regardless of their status such as poor or royal. Soothsaying can be likened to special abilities such as witchcraft, fortune telling or experiencing visions of the past. The Vala is a soothsayer who has learned of exclusive knowledge she wishes to share with everyone. She recalls when the Jotuns, a species from another of the nine worlds she speaks of, raised her. That tiny detail hints that species from one world may cross into another and in casual terms planet-hop. She collectively calls all the worlds The Fate Tree and names its location as being underneath the earth which is inside the core or literally below the earth. It brings to mind an image of the earth resting on top of the tree or on one of the fate…show more content…
Due to Ymir’s sons having placed the earth up (maybe into the Fate Tree) it reaches closely toward the sun and as a result an “herb of green” grew. This is explaining how the earth came to be covered in plants and proves that the Northern Europeans knew that sunlight and warmth was needed to nurture plant life and at the very least shows a simple acknowledgement of photosynthesis. This goes back to that hint that an event occurred causing the earth’s growth because that event was sunlight‘s entry. The sun was brand new because she didn’t know where her “hall” was or her purpose as well as the purposes of the moon and stars. The sun is spoken of like an anthropomorphic entity or goddess. The Northern Europeans understandably associated the sun and moon together as it appeared that one rose at night and one in the morning and both celestial objects glowed and must’ve held a purpose or influenced life on earth in their view. The day and night juxtaposition of the sun and moon and stars established a schedule according to

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