Solar Energy Advantages And Disadvantages

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Fossil fuel is the energy source that we had use for about 200 years, and it is running out“ Fossil fuel will be gone by 2052” Can you imagine what will happen if the world ran out of fossil fuel? No more electricity, no more cars, groping in the dark trying to go to find your things. Without the fossil fuel we will go back to Middle ages. Even if the fossil fuel is not running out, people in the world shouldn’t keep using fossil fuel, because the climate is seriously impacted by the carbon dioxide(CO2). Then, we discovered solar energy can help us, and many people agree that we should develop solar energy and make it becomes our energy source. But I disagree, because there are many disadvantage about solar energy that is more than its advantage. Three main problems are, the cost of the solar system is too high. It is not 24 hours working, it is intermittent, the solar energy doesn’t work at night. While we are developing the material for the solar battery, the material we need will cause silicosis. Therefore we shouldn’t develop the solar energy. Solar energy is different with other resources, because it has an unlimited source for producing energy, the sun’s radiation. Once the sun’s energy shined on the solar panels, it will absorb the energy, and it will fed the solar inverter. Then the electricity is produced for us to use.…show more content…
It doesn’t work when the sundown. It is the main problem why the solar energy is still not a very common energy source for us. From the second paragraph you have learned that Solar energy’s energy source is sun, so when there is no sun, there will be no life, and Solar energy won’t work. Solar energy is considered as a serious source of energy for many years because of the vast amounts of energy that is made freely available. But, when the sun’s gone there will be no more energy source for Solar energy which is why we can’t rely on Solar
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