Death Of A Salesman Tragedy Analysis

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Alan Beugre M. Taylor Phil 120 07/04/2016 Essay 3: Is Death of a Salesman a personal tragedy or a social critique? Initially, Death of a Salesman is a play written by Arthur Miller. It was interpreted for the first time in February 10, 1949. Briefly, it talks about Willy Loman, commercial traveler, dismissed by its company after thirty of good and faithful service. He cannot accept the idea not to work anymore. Then His wife tries desperately to help him. The story happens in the USA, near Brooklyn, in the 1940s. Willy Loman goes back home. He is 60 years old, he is a commercial traveler for 36 years. His wife, Linda, raised their two sons, Biff and Happy, who are now adults. Willy loses his mind. He lives at the same time in the reality…show more content…
These characters accept a system which is based on competition, ambition and money. In this world, individual success confronts above all by the professional status. So, Charley and Howard are bosses, Bernard is awarded a diploma and a good employment. At another level, the character Happy shows this trade lifestyle, in its relationship to the girls. His ultimate objective is to chain the conquests. In the consumer society, everything is intended to be thrown and replaced. Often, Willy Loman adapts himself with this lifestyle. The setbacks which he knows with his car or his household products give evidence of his participation in the consumer society. Besides, Willy inculcates to his children the sports values such as competition, the work relentlessly and the individual success. The sport, as a version of the economic competition. Beyond the sport, he wishes that his children make a success. He wishes also that they reach as possible the highest social position. Willy notices gradually that he has never really integrated the values of the capitalist system. In the cold logic of rational calculation and money, he always preferred the human relationship. For Willy, it is the style, the personality, which matter. The person matters more than the figure. Repeatedly, Willy laughs at his neighbor Charley and at his son Bernard. For him, they symbolize the small rationality without any greatness. Charley is maybe a good storekeeper, but he has no personality. Bernard makes a success better than Biff at the school, but he is badly loved by his companions and behaves as a wood louse. The only character who succeeded and whom Willy respects is his brother Ben. The latter has gone for Africa and made money with business. His personality explains his success, much more than small

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