Advantages And Disadvantages Of Oil And Solar Energy Sources

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Erin Allbritton 4/19/17 BIO103 Professor Van Breukelen Chapter 10-Review Questions 1. What are some advantages and disadvantages of OIL and SOLAR energy sources? The advantages of oil and solar energy sources are how concentrated they are, availability, safety, and versatility. While the disadvantages are hazard potential, environmental damage, and cost. 2. What is per capita energy use and what is total energy use for a country and how do these differ? For a country, per capita energy use relates to the average energy per person and total energy use relates to 3. Why is it important to consider both per capita and total energy use when thinking about global energy use? It’s important to consider per capita…show more content…
What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of LED, fluorescent, incandescent lighting? Advantages of LED: Brightness, long life, low power consumption, there’s no heat produced, you can get direct control from a digital interface, and LED produces a number of colors or white lights. The disadvantages for LED includes LED costs more and there is lower efficacy (lumen output) than traditional light sources. Fluorescent Lightning Advantages-This type of lightning has high efficacy, there is a relatively low initial cost, the lamp life is longer, it is available in a variety of color temperatures, it can be dimmed but it can get more expensive than incandescent lightning, and it provides energy savings. The disadvantages for the fluorescent lightning includes the lights are larger, and they are difficult to control precisely and is better for general illumination. Advantages for Incandescent Lightning-The lightning is inexpensive, compact, easy to dim, can start repeatedly without any decrease from lamp lights, the lightning has a warm color rendition, the output for this lightning can be controlled by reflectors and lenses. While the disadvantages of incandescent lightning includes having low efficacy, the lamp life is much shorter, and there is a high heat output. 6. How could you improve your personal energy efficiency concerning cooking or bathing or some other daily life task? I can prove energy efficiency in my own life by closing doors and vents, when I’m not using a room in the house and use compact fluorescent light bulbs/turning off all lights, reducing the thermostat temperature at night, and reduce commute time in length whenever I plan to go

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