Disadvantages Of Renewable Energy

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With new inventions and modernization in the field of technology the global environment scenario is becoming worse day by day. The consumption of energy is increasing, limited resources of fossil fuel and their cost is increasing the requirement of renewable energy sources. This resources are basically a part of Earth's natural environment .This are obtained from natural resources such as wind, biomass, sunlight, green energy, tides, and geothermal energy. Electricity generation is one of their important application. Renewable energy such as solar energy is obtained from sunlight and has various applications such as heating, cooking etc. This renewable energies has minimum effect on environment as they produce less pollutants that is waste product obtained from them in the form of chemicals such as carbon-di-oxide etc. is less. The solar and wind energy acquires an important position also they have great potential in terms of generation of electricity…show more content…
For example the blades of wind turbine will rotate only when there is wind flowing in sufficient amount. Same is the case with solar cells and panels the energy generated by them depends on the position of sun for collecting heat and generation of electricity after it. As a result its generated output cannot be predicted. But the use of this type of energies can reduce the excessive capital cost required for generation. In this paper we are using a conventional system with renewable energy source that is wind to increase the production so as to meet the demands. Here we are using a hybrid system comprising of Diesel generator set and wind turbine by simulation in MATLAB and will analyse the performance of this system at various wind speed. The installation of wind energy is both consumer and eco-friendly and also requires a very petite time span for setting up of
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