Importance Of Electricity In Pakistan

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Electricity Generation in Pakistan Muhammad Haseeb Iqbal#1, Assher Ali*2, Umar Bashir #3 #Electrical Engineering FAST-NU Pakistan Abstract— Electricity is considered to be life line of any economy and socioeconomic development of a country. It is the job of government to provide enough electricity to the industry as well as to private sectors and commercial home usage. There are different ways for the generation of electricity based on the optimum conditions (weather, temperature, wind conditions, natural resources available). Different countries in the world are taking step to use the appropriate source of electricity generation to stop pollution of to cater the problem…show more content…
This paper consist of different power plants that are used to generate electricity. The power project that are installed in Pakistan and the projects that are under consideration and soon will produce significant amount of electricity are also discussed. The generation capacity of Pakistan is also discussed in this research paper. The structure of all the significantly used power plant along with its advantages and drawbacks are also provided. We have also mentioned the details of generation of each power station working in Pakistan. As Pakistan is a nuclear power so it has also a capability of producing electricity from nuclear reactors which are also discussed in the paper. Different power plants along with their generation capacity is also discussed and estimated power capacity is also mentioned. The new source i.e. the production of electricity from the renewable sources…show more content…
The expense of fuel for the power generation is very less as compared to other sources as small amount of uranium could produce large amount of energy as compared to oil or gas and also the transportation of uranium is also less expensive. 2. Reliability of power generation is much high than others as if it is functions properly it could operate for 540 days uninterrupted so no power interruptions makes it more stable. 3. No greenhouse gas emission, as the world is working towards no greenhouse effect nuclear energy is the best source of energy for it. 4. The land requirement of nuclear power plants is very less so it makes it space efficient. 5. The fuel used has a very long life so the fear of ending the world reserves reduce as compared to the gas or coal which are becoming a great concern for the world and more importantly for Pakistan . Fig.7 Schematic design of Nuclear power plant DISADVANTAGES Like everything with a lot of advantages nuclear power has its disadvantages as well some the following are: 1. The Capital cost of the nuclear power plant is a lot so people hesitate in building it especially in a developing country like

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