Importance Of Healthy Living Essay

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HEALTHY LIVING Healthy living is a matter of design and choice.You can decide today, to enjoy your full potential of physical health and by developing specific health habits, you can assure you live better life by all means. Developing new habits seems pretty hard, but you may consider the value of the change you will have, the kind of person you want to be.Change the environment so you are the less likely to be impacted by the old habits. Identify with it, there is no secret, you start to act it and work on it so you become what you want to. The first habit for you to develop is ///{achieving and maintaining your proper weight}///. Mostly we deal with overweight wich brings health risks like: Heart disease and stroke, High blood pressure, Diabetes, some Cancers, Osteoarthritis and many other. Now everything you are or ever will be is result of your own…show more content…
Your ///{healthy diet}/// should consist on consuming more fruits, vegetables, whole grain products probably heard this a lot of times. Yes, this are the basic principles of healthy living, but you can modify your diet and develop the habits of good nutrition wich will lead to a combination of weight loss and higher levels of energy and fitness at the same time. To achieve weightloss even faster and improve functioning you should eliminate these daily intakes and they are: salt, sugar and flour. These seem so simple but yet so powerful. You are left to try and be amazed how quickly you get noticeable result. The weight falls of when you: stop adding salt to any kind of your diet, stop consuming any sugar based products(soft drinks, candies, cookies, cakes, pies, cereals...) and not eating anything with white flour(breads, breakfast cereals, baked goods, pasta, pizza...). If you stop consuming these three daily intakes, you can reach the point of losing one pound a day until you reach your proper
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