Social Problems Of Consumerism

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Introduction: Consumerism This is the belief that personal wellbeing and happiness depends a lot on the level of personal intake, particularly on the buy of material goods. The point is not that wellbeing depends on a quality standard of living above some entry, but that in the middle of happiness is utilization and material assets. A consumerist community is one where people dedicate a lot of time, resources, energy and thoughts to guzzling, in other words “consuming”. The common perspective of living in a consumerist community is consuming is good, and the more you consume the better. Body: Facts 1. Adds make us unhappy with the things we already have. • People of this society have to be persuaded to want ever-higher levels of consumption.…show more content…
Adverts notify people of the latest products and give information about the goodness of one product compared to other existing ones. If this was all advertising did, then maybe it would not be an essential part of consumerism. But adverts do a lot more than just simply give off information: they show and support specific values, always stating the tie between success in life and buying things, happiness and consumption and other particular forms of…show more content…
In spite of that, there is still a president who is the representative of state but is a nominal leader. Example: • Albania • Austria • Bangladesh • Bulgaria • Croatia • Czech Republic • Dominica • East Timor • Estonia (List of countries by system of government, no date) Figure 3: (Consumerism - Chris Welsby, no date) One Party States: These are non-democratic states where political competence is intensive in just one political party whose actions are merged with the governments hierarchy. Example: • Peoples republic of china. • Cuba. • Eritrea. • Democratic People's Republic of Korea. • Laos. • Syria. • Turkmenistan. • Vietnam. (List of countries by system of government, no date) Figure 4: (Bridges: Consumerism and materialism - Praew Suntiasvaraporn, no date) Positive results of consumerism: Consumerism enables people to have many variations of products that they can use in society, so they can come across multiple products but they can choose which ever one they prefer. By watching authentic advertisements, consumers can know which products are the safest for them and which ones are more dependable. There are precise and distinct shops for assortment of pursuits and

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