Corporate Social Responsibility In Malaysia

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Corporate Social Responsibility in short CSR can be summarised as a requirement of the organization management to make choices and take actions that will improve the welfare and benefit of society besides the organization. Basically history or concept of CSR is fairly not new one. It is in use from 1960s. In 18th century Adam Smith uttered classical economic model of business. This model propose that needs and wishes of society could finest be met by the unrestricted communication of individuals and organizations in market place. After a century, industrial revolution carried countless technological transformations leading to massive production of merchandises and extra employment. Big organizations developed and attained power and their founders…show more content…
GLC given meaning as a company which has the main objective and commercial where royal Malaysia has a hold on straight. Controlling interest refers to the ability of the kingdom to appoint management expert bod, right, made a decision to GLC whether directly or indirectly Through Glic. Here are some example of GLCs such as Maybank Berhad, Telekom Malaysia Berhad and Petronas Berhad. This GLC must follow the core of the CSR which mentioned earlier. For instance, community involvement and development is one of the core. The company have a relationship and impact on the communities in which they operate. This relationship should be based on community involvement to contribute to its development. Both community involvement and development are part of sustainable development. The matters to be considered regarding community involvement and development includes active community involvement, education, culture, employment creation ,skills development, technology development and access, wealth, income creation, Health, and Social…show more content…
The GLC was not only concerned about the community whom they serve but the firm also reflected that the employees were the most valuable asset to them. We count that the manager sees this as the need to stable their CSR activities that are specific to employees, community and government. The Internal-CSR here refers to the firm’s core business functions that have a direct impact to the things around them. The political or agency CSR here refers to the attention given by the government or controlled shareholders through one of its vehicle, toward the social needs of stakeholder that are defined by them . As such, the manager has to deal with different stakeholders who have different needs and demands. Failing to do this, the principal will end the agency

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