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Is the American Dream a reality or a mindset? Can the dream be obtained or is it simply an unattainable idea? The American Dream incorporates freedom, equality, and an opportunity for prosperity, which is available to every American. In fact, the notion of the American Dream is rooted in the Declaration of Independence. As stated in the Vanity Fair article by David Kamp, John Adams described the American Dream as “that dream of a land in which life should be better, richer and fuller for every man, with the opportunity for each according to his ability or achievement” (qtd. in Kamp 4). Unfortunately, what John Adams described is not always the case even as much as most Americans would want it to be. Thus, Americans turn a blind eye to the…show more content…
The Dream is a mindset and everyone views it differently. The United States should stop dividing people based on characteristics that do not matter to the willpower or the productivity of an individual. The color of someone’s skin, gender, or the religion they practice should not determine where they are grouped. A person should be judged on the content of their character and not on characteristics. If an individual works hard and has a motivation to succeed, there is no reason this person should have his or her arms tied to do the things he or she is capable of achieving. The American Dream will continue to change because of social media. There is always going to be that “one” thing that will make an individual happier, and we can thank marketing and advertising for that. The “American Dream” is a problem because people “think” they want certain things, but is that what they want? Rather, they believe that materialism and financial success is their dream, and once achieved, they will be fulfilled. A person should not lower their standards, but find a way to be satisfied where they are at, at the moment. A healthy outlook every day is a good thing; people and things attract to those who do not give up and continuously work hard to achieve more. A healthy outlook includes smiles; smiles are contagious. This country would be different if everyone were

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