World War Z Character Analysis

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The zombie character in World War Z is a metaphor for today’s society. In present day humans act like zombies, we takes more than what we need and do not care about any of the consequences. We are so engrossed in technology, to the point where we are slowly losing all social skills, and with the Internet having all of the information any human could possibly want, the need to exercise our memory is slowly decreasing. Today’s youth has access to just about anything they could think of at the touch of their fingertips. Most of present day youth has a cell phone, along with some form of social media. Whether it is instagram, twitter, Facebook, snap chat, etc., it consumes their time. There are not many people with just one form of social media; the majority of society has multiple forms. (Quan-Haase). Instead of switching to a new form of social media, we “adopt” a new form and integrate it into the old social media. (Quan-Haase). With society adopting new forms of social media, it truly shows that we cannot get enough of the Internet and social media; it is a way of “keeping in touch” without necessarily keeping in touch. (Quan-Haase). Our obsession with the Internet and social media is very high, society does not just…show more content…
As humans, what is our goal? For the majority of society, the goal is to succeed; you keep taking stepping-stones to get to your goal. Why do we go to school? We go to school to get a job. We, as a society are not truly concerned about why we are doing something; we do it because we are told to do it. Society does not stop to think about why they are doing what they are doing. Humans go throughout their lives with the same routine every day. There are small changes along the way, but it is almost as if we as humans act like zombies, doing the same thing every day, day after

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