Income Inequality In America

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Issue Summary: America has always been one of top democratically governed countries. The American dream is that the citizens has a responsive government and equal civil liberties. However, the effectiveness of democracy is being threatened by increasing inequality in the United States. "The dominant view holds that economic development and modernization are the key to the continued growth of democracy" (J.Maxfield). over the past decade, the American Society has had major moments of increasing equality. In 1960 the Civil Rights Movement altered how other races were viewed. Additionally, in the 1960s the Women's Right Movement asked for equal rights between genders. The both of these changes allowed all citizen the same economic and political…show more content…
The middle class is now fading. "Disparities in wealth and income have lately grown sharply in the United States than in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and many other advanced industrial democracies" (L.Tyson). "Putnam influential work, for example, indicates that a general decline in social capital in the western world could be undermining democratic institutions. Similarly, other evidence suggests that voter turnout has decreased dramatically in Western nations over the past few decades (L.Tyson)." This paper will explore the affect income inequality is having on America's political opinions, the voting actions, social mobility and corporation's connection within the…show more content…
inequality is critical to encourage entrepreneurs to take risks and established new business. If an entrepreneur sets up a business, he might become a wealthy person, however additionally can produce jobs and provide incomes for other employees. There is also a gap between the highest and lowest earners, however the bottom earners are still better off than without the entrepreneur(L.Tyson). German economic expert Karl Marx described a system during which a small proportion of individuals who controlled massive amounts of capital, made the most important economic choices(H.Alfarsi). Marx's theories, referred to as marxism, say that economic societies progress through class struggle. A conflict between an upper ownership class that controls production and a lower labor category that provides the labor for production is necessary. although Marx's theories were developed in the nineteenth century(H.Alfarsi) , several of the same principles apply these days. in the world power referred to as the united states, production and consumerism are huge industries that are crucial to the economy. the fact of reality is

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