Eulogy For Father

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The love between a father and his children is often measured by the time spent together. Some men walk away from the responsibilities of fatherhood, while others would give their lives to be with their children, no matter the cost. My father was an example of such circumstances. The fight for his children would come with great consequences, including his freedom. My parents met right out of high school and married. My father was a truck driver who spent many hours on the road to support the family. My mother was a great parent for the first few years, then everything changed. The woman we knew as our loving mother became cold and distant. My mother expressed her desire for divorce and unfortunately, their marriage ended after seven years. With the divorce, came a bitter…show more content…
With the belief that the courts would not grant him custody, he decided to take matters into his own hands. On the next scheduled visitation he decided to take us to Tennessee, where we would live on a farm for the next 11 months. He went to great extremes to keep our identity hidden. He allowed us to choose our new names and even enrolled us in school. My brother and I was where we wanted to be. The love of our father was just what we needed at that time. We were very young and never really understood that going along with this plan would have such devastating consequences. As I was sitting in class one day, the FBI agents came and took me out of my class. While they escorted me down the hall to the gymnasium, they began asking questions. As the doors to the gymnasium opened, I saw my mother, along with FBI agents and police, standing there waiting for me. Soon after, my brother was escorted in. I still remember the sadness I felt that morning when I heard the men telling my mother they had my dad in custody. My brother stood there with his arms around me as I cried for my

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