Satire Essay On Social Media

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No matter how you slice it – humans are social by nature. We love to talk, to interact, and to learn and grown through our connectivity. Because of new technology and innovation, in the past decade or so, we’re communicating more than we have at any other point in history – and we’re doing it in different ways. Social media is just one of the many new facilitators that we use to engage in conversations with those around us, and to learn new things. I’ve reconnected with friends through Facebook, sourced a ton of inspiration from my fellow outdoor Instagrammers, found job opportunities through LinkedIn, ignited new passions through endless TedX videos, or found new opportunities through blogging. But it is also an addiction that we have. The…show more content…
To avoid coming off as insecure, overly self-promotional, or desperate for likes, winks, or blinks (or whatever they call it these days), check in and ask yourself if what you’re posting provides value to others, and whether or not you, yourself, would click the post if it belonged to someone else. 3.) Recognize That Social Media is a Life Filter. What people choose to post on social media is only the best version of themselves. They are able to filter their photos, interests, hobbies, etc. It’s kind of like long distance dating – most of the time you only get to see the individual at their personal best. If you find yourself being less inspired and more jealous of others, it’s time to log out and go do something to fuel your own personal fire sans cellphone, laptop, or tablet. 4.) Delete Toxic Accounts. Just like toxic people exist in real life, there are toxic accounts on social media. They promote themselves as inspiring, educational, informative, helpful – but in reality, they bring people down. Know your values, and know how social media can play into

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