The Amputee's Guide To Sex Summary

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The first thing a reader sees when they open a guide book is a table of subtitles to help them navigate the material and “The Amputee’s Guide to Sex” is certainly not an exception to this rule. The first thing the author, Jillian Weise, does in her poem is divide it into different sections with subtitles. For example, the first subtitle states, “1. Removal of Prosthetic,” (line 1, Weise). By doing this, Jillian, provides the reader with the steps to having sex with an amputee in a chronological order, making it easy for the reader to follow along. The author’s purpose is to ensure that the reader understands and has some ideas of how to remove their prosthetic, without it being awkward for them or their partner. Another example of the subtitle…show more content…
Foreplay is the next step to having sex with an amputee and this subtitle allows the reader to understand the different ways to create a false harmony. This false harmony proves that sex with an amputee lacks compassion, true feeling and intimacy. Jillian does this to set a broader scope and then hone in on the important details of what is entailed with the foreplay of sex. With all of the subtitles it proves that sex with an amputee is truly something that could never just be spontaneous, in the moment and include deep emotions. The second way that Jillian has created a guide book with her poem is with the writing strategy of creating figures to refer to. By way of illustration, Jillian writes, “to create an uninhibited environment for your partner, track their hands like game pieces on a board,” (lines 7-8, Weise). Providing the reader with a…show more content…
The first way the author illustrates this is by writing, “Will it hurt like this?” Jillian realizes that just like every other situation in life, there are many questions that often go unanswered, but need to be. By creating this FAQ portion, she provides the reader with answers to common questions that the reader may be too scared to ask. Jillian also provides another question to her FAQ reading with, “Would she tell me if it did?” The author includes this question to give the reader some perspective as to what the amputee’s partner could be thinking during sex. This would allow the amputee to ensure that their partner is confident and not timid throughout their encounters, regardless of how on edge or pessimistic the amputee

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