Satire Essay On Social Media

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Social Media Takeover Have you noticed any difference in children from the past generation to the present generation? Do you think that the only thing kids nowadays do is stay inside looking at the screen all day? Times are changing and we need to acknowledge that. This is not a bad change, we will eventually be surrounded by technology more than we already are. This is also not a good thing, as it prevents us from going outside and staying healthy. This also prevents us from being social and interacting with each other, and control our thoughts with things on the internet. This change has not only affected young people, but it has affected every single person in the world. This is a permanent change the…show more content…
We are evolving quickly with technology and we are advancing at pace too fast to keep up with. I think that we are being taken over by social media and technology through things we like and things that like us back. I think that over time most of our lives will be through social media or some type of technology. As technology evolves quickly it sparks up some questions for me. Do we rely on likes to make us feel better? How much time do we spend using technology every day? How much are likes worth both monetarily and emotionally? Who profits from the likes and how? These questions all come to mind when I think about social media and…show more content…
are becoming forms of advertising and can make companies money. If a big company holds a competition to give someone a vacation to the Bahamas but the only way you can win is by liking and sharing a certain picture or clicking on a certain link, that is a form of advertising. Companies can now get feedback from their consumers on whether they “Like” something or not. Technology and social media can now be incorporated into advertising and people are helping by simply clicking a button that shows appreciation for a post. Technology and social media are becoming bigger parts of our lives. It is becoming to the point where everything we do is done or can be done on technology. Generations are sticking to the screen more than they are to the park or the outdoors. It is a change that we have to eventually accept. The main thing that I have learned from this project is that technology is always evolving with humans and helping humans. Technology will be eventually doing all our work while humans sit around and do nothing. This change is not bad right now but it will eventually turn into a bad change. Humans will get weaker while technology will become

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