Social Determinants Of Health Essay

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Based upon the Study of Contemporary Society and Learners, the prevalent health problems in society related to social determinants of health include heart disease, cancer, and personal injury, type two diabetes, asthma, risky sexual behavior, tobacco use, alcohol use, and drug use. The social determinants of health that effect the prevalence of these health problems include environmental factors in which the population lives such as cultural demographics, socioeconomic status, public health polices and laws, geographic location, and technological environment. Due to their prevalence in society these are some of the leading causes of death in which large sums of money are spent on treatment and care of conditions annually. The prevalent health problems in the target population, low income, and middle aged men who serve as head of household for their families are prostate cancer, depression, alcohol abuse, erectile dysfunction, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type two diabetes, suicide, and cardiovascular disease. The following socioeconomic determinants which include low income, low education attainment, and poor access to health services are primary culprits in the prevalence of these health…show more content…
Religion can help bring a spiritual balance to an individual’s life guiding them with rules to abide by or it can do the complete opposite setting up unreachable standards. The Chinese, Vietnamese, Native American, African American, Hispanic, and sub cultures of Pakistan and India all share negative stigmas towards mental illness. Commonalities are the reluctance to accept such diagnosis, or belief that it is some punishment from a greater force or God. Christianity puts a huge emphasis on family order which put the male on top, providing, protecting, and representing his family’s political and religious
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