Social Determinant Of Health Essay

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Health is the result of dynamic and complicated relationships and deals with non-liner and non-predictable procedures. Nowadays, the health section cannot solve its challenges alone. Changing the load of diseases toward non-communicable diseases all over the world including developing countries, and the fact that creating such diseases has complicated mechanisms and is dependent on several factors, made us to consider the importance of doing some health based interferences in other sections more than before (1,2). In a general view, human’s health is depended on the improvement of situations in which an individual is born, grow up, work, and continue his life. These situations are themselves part of the goals of sustainable development and are called social determinant of health, like healthy food and food security, suitable house, road safety, increasing physical activity and exercises, reducing air pollution, having safe cars and reducing accidents (3). Therefore, it can be said that reaching goals of sustainable development passes through making more healthy humans and improving human’s health indicators.…show more content…
Thus, the eleventh government in Iran charges other organizations to interfere in social determinants of health by reinforcing the place of the Supreme Council of Health and its mechanisms such as national and province intersectoral workgroups and committee, and holding festivals relating to social factors affecting health. But if we are to experience a real evolution in health and establish a new view, we must increase awareness, responsibility, capability, and organized and active participation of individuals, families, and society to provide, preserve, and improve
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