Personal Essay: Social Determinants Of Health

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Social determinants of health are conditions in which people live and how these conditions affect their quality of life. Different factors contribute to these living conditions such as personal lifestyle choices, nutrition, economic status, and even environmental factors. Other components in a person’s life such as their upbringing, employment, education, behaviors, and relationships all affect the overall health of the individual. Admittedly, my upbringings were full of unhealthy food choices due to the lack of responsibilities of my parents and myself, as I became older. My parents went through a divorced when I was five years old, so my mother took custody of my brother and I. Unfortunately, she could not afford the house in which we lived in, so we moved to a two bedroom apartment in an urban area. The city to where we moved wasn’t a complete food desert but there were several fast food restaurants within a five mile radius. Where I lived played an important role in the food that I consumed because my mother was constantly on the go and the drive-thru restaurants were a convenience for her. Similarly to how we discussed in class, food deserts contribute a great amount of disparity to people because it makes it difficult to obtain the proper nutrients.…show more content…
My entire life I have lived in a food desert and this can be compared against my struggle with weight. The unhealthy food choices directly correlate to being overweight for most of childhood and young adult life. Recently I have been making healthier food choices because I’ve educated myself on the hazards of this continuous behaviors and the resulting negative effects it will have on my health. To be honest, it is not an easy task to accomplish because I’ve already spent much of my time being unhealthy that the behavior is difficult to

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