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Luther and Zwingli were both considered great thinkers during the Middle Ages, which can be seen in their Theses they wrote in opposition of the Church. Both men had points/themes that they wanted to be seen clearly by the people in their writing. Luther’s main points he wanted to convey were, that buying indulgences gave people a false sense of security and endangered their salvation, the selling of indulgences to help finance the construction of St. Petersburg was wrong, and that the Pope had no power over what happened in Purgatory. Zwingli took a different approach with his Theses, he wanted to convey what was wrong with the Church’s teaching and what they stood for. He decided to take this path instead of focusing on the Church’s actions with indulgences. Some of Zwingli’s main points were that Christ is man’s only way to righteousness, that the Holy Scripture does not teach of…show more content…
An interesting difference that showed up in Zwingli’s 67 Theses and not in Luther’s 95 Theses is that Zwingli uses the word I in his 60th point and me in his 67th point. He uses it to describe his feelings towards human prayer to God and uses me to tell the reader to contact him if they have questions on his points. In Luther’s 95 Theses, he never uses I in describing his feelings towards an issue. However, their biggest difference in their Theses is their main reason for writing their Theses. Luther wrote his Theses about the corruption in the Church, more importantly, indulgences and the sale of them for salvation. In Zwingli’s 67 Theses, he makes no mention on the idea of indulgences or the sale of them specifically, even though he was known to be opposed to indulgences like Luther. The final difference that can be seen between Luther and Zwingli is that Luther wrote his Theses as a response to indulgences, while Zwingli wrote his after the great sausage controversy in

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