Google And Facebook Bureaucracies

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I do consider large companies such as Google and Facebook to be bureaucracies. While many of these companies have characteristics that are unique to themselves, I found that comparing both Google and Facebook would help prove most of these larger companies are run identical to bureaucracies with few exceptions. All large companies, Google and Facebook specifically, demonstrate characteristics that without question are operated under the guidelines of bureaucracies. These two companies have a hierarchy of authority or a chain of command in other words. Within that chain of command is a division of labor that divides up the responsibilities of the company through specific departments. A characteristic these two companies have that tie into both previous characteristics is that each company has a set of written rules and regulations. With all of these characteristics as evidence it is hard to ignore the fact that these companies fit the category of bureaucracies.…show more content…
Each business has their own chain of command that funnels all the way down from the President or CEO to the common entry level worker. Without listing every single individual that works for Facebook, here is a list of Facebooks hierarchy as per (James Kosur P. 1). Mark Zuckerburg (Chairman & CEO), David Ebersman (CFO), Cipora Herman (Treasurer), where is divides and breaks off all the way to Frank Frankovsky (infrastructure). This trickles down to even the common 9-5 worker who works for Facebook in a cubical. This sort of chain of command structure is a very key characteristic to any bureaucracy. If any business is to become a bureaucracy, it is vital that they have a clear chain of command in which Facebook clearly

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