Power Of Travel In The Philippines Essay

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The Power of Travel The Philippines is a land of fun, sun, and sand—a tropical archipelago that is home to different people, animals, plants, scenes and sights. This is also home to CalEnergy Philippines and its employees, whose love for the environment and the community it serve helped them appreciate the country more. CalEnergy Philippines promotes local tourism to its employees as a way to sit back, relax and energize them on their way back to work. Aside from the relaxation and the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle, travelling also helps a person to appreciation nature, other culture, and it widens one’s perspectives. And when you are travelling with family or friends, it creates opportunities for bonding and great…show more content…
There are many explanations behind this practice but the most common belief is that placing the bodies of their dead higher will bring them closer to their ancestral spirits. CAPISAAN CAVE SYSTEM: A GEOLOGIST'S PARADISE By Leonard Sinacay Capisaan Cave is located in Barangays Capisaan and Alayan in Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya. It is the fifth longest cave system in the country and ranked among the best. It is considered as a geologist’s paradise. The series of stalagmites and stalactites in all forms and sizes make it look like a little castle from a distance. The cold, crystal clear river adds thrill as you explore and experience the beauty of the cave. ANILAO MARINE SANCTUARY By Trinity Gatuz Approximately 127 kilometers away from Manila, the Anilao Marine Sanctuary is a very popular diving hot spot for local and international divers alike. It has many wonderful dive sites, each boasts of hundreds of species of coral, fish and a host of other marine life. Shipwrecks can also be found in some dive sites. It is a perfect destination for those wanting to try diving for the first time because you can find diverse marine species only a few feet from the

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