The Benefits Of The American Dream

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Starting from the bottom with nothing but a goal and making our way back up to a financially stable way of living is what I would perceive as the American Dream. A substantial amount have achieved it so I don’t doubt it cannot be done. For example, Carlos Watson states “Immigrants come to the United States everyday to improve their lives and they keep succeeding…”. (PBS) I’ve become stuck between the issue of whether the American Dream is achievable for everyone or is no longer viable. For the most part it depends on the person and how hungry they are to achieve it. There have been valid points explained for both but I do not believe everyone can achieve it nor do I believe no one can so my proposition is that only some can achieve it.…show more content…
In the podcast Busted, America’s Poverty Myths Brooke Gladstone shares that some locations have better and more opportunities to take advantage of. There could be certain places that are in poverty while others are thriving. Some aren’t willing to travel to get a job or even a safer environment. Although it is true that some locations have a wide variety of opportunities, I believe how far a person is willing to go, physically and mentally to accomplish their goals is what determines what could be met. Knowing all the tasks that must be done to make our way back up to a stable way of living could be stressful to think about for some so they pull away from the thought of having to work so hard. As some make the effort to get things done others are lazy and hope for the
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